Leigh Anne Thompson

Leigh Anne Thompson
I'm passionate about the restaurant industry, and nothing makes me happier than helping clients achieve greatness in their organization. As a restaurant professional, I work hard to build relationships with my clients and I think they appreciate my honesty, integrity, perseverance, and candor." My job isn't done until I've made a positive impact on my clients organization. Technology may help the restaurants bottom line look better....but I help them get there faster.
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Restaurant Experts You Should Be Following in 2018

Posted by Leigh Anne Thompson on April 18, 2018

Being a restaurant manager is no easy feat. Challenges in the workplace are ever-present – from developing smart systems, hiring and retaining good workers and training, to restaurant layout and menu preparation, and employee management, every day is filled with unique situations and

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Spring Forward Your Manager's Logbook

Posted by Leigh Anne Thompson on March 7, 2018

Everyone is sick of winter and ready to spring forward into warmer weather on March 11th. But this spring, you should do more than just change your clocks. Spring is all about cleaning out the old and starting fresh, so why not take this opportunity to start improving your management as well? Here are some tips to

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How Restaurant Design Affects the Customer Experience

Posted by Leigh Anne Thompson on January 10, 2018

There are several things that will make or break the customer experience. From menu selection to wait staff performance, there are a multitude of factors that will play into whether a customer decides to become a patron of your establishment. While it is impossible to make everyone happy all the

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