Managers Can Schedule Anywhere with Technology

October 25, 2017 by Matt Thompson

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Being a restaurant manager comes with many responsibilities, and one of the least enjoyable to perform is scheduling employees. So often restaurant managers are still using paper calendars or Excel sheets that have to be constantly tweaked and updated every time employees make any changes (which happens quite often in shift work). Being locked to this singular method of creating a schedule means restaurant managers are glued to their desk. Any time a manager receives a question or information about scheduling changes away from their schedule, he or she has to remember the change once they are back at the restaurant to make the update.

Trying to maintain current schedules and manage communications in this way is not sustainable, making the task of scheduling quite unenjoyable. Yet employee scheduling can become one of the simplest tasks out of all the restaurant manager’s responsibilities if they only utilized technology. Instead of this haphazard way of remembering changes and scheduling in one location, technology allows managers to reduce time scheduling and pass some of the responsibility to employees to manage their own schedules. Implementing an employee scheduling software that does all the heavy lifting can alleviate headaches with the ability to schedule anywhere quickly and easily.

Scheduling Technology Reduces Communication Headaches

Think of how many emails, phone calls, and text messages that occur in a week with questions about the schedule, requests for time off, concerns about shift availability, and more. These messages are literally like playing the telephone game where the details get lost in the passing of information throughout the restaurant.

Restaurant scheduling technology can eliminate these time sucking questions and inquiries. Technology allows for complete communication within a scheduling platform. This prevents a slew of random messages that can get lost in translation. The entire restaurant team can communicate via the software so everyone is always in the loop. The ability to communicate using group messaging and text features within the technology allows employees to view and request updates to the schedule anywhere.

Employee Scheduling Software Provides Transparency

In addition to easier communication all in one place, employee scheduling software provides complete transparency for all information a restaurant manager needs to complete the scheduling. The technology can manage all work availability so manager do not need to hunt down employees with specific availability questions. The software prompts and retrieves schedule availability to view complete information for all employees.

Scheduling software will provide support for all restaurant team members to use at any time for the most up-to-date schedule. In addition to submitting availability, scheduling software allows employees to see the current state of shifts and submit requests for time off and schedule changes through the technology. This gives restaurant managers live alerts for all schedule change requests and full transparency on what is needed to complete the schedule.

The software technology also helps restaurant managers know when it is time to hire more staff if there isn’t enough employee availability to fill the schedule. Not only does the technology allow you to schedule anywhere with availability viewing, but it also helps prevent employee scheduling problems before they occur.

Employees Can Schedule Anywhere, Too!

Scheduling technology does not only allow managers to schedule anywhere, but employees have the power to submit requests and changes anywhere they are as well. Employees can view their schedule online, drop shifts, swap shifts and pick up shifts with manager approval. This provides a huge time savings as there is no longer a need for a shift swap book, writing on a paper schedule, and manager signatures. Technology can provide a gateway for employees to do all the manual scheduling work on behalf of the restaurant managers.

All in all, restaurant managers can save 80% of their scheduling time (or 6 hours a week scheduling) when utilizing technology. The software can reduce needless texts, emails, and phone calls that make scheduling messy. With all employees having access to the software, scheduling now has the most up to date employee availability, swapped shifts and shift changes all available in real time. Likewise, managers can pass a lot of the manual scheduling work and responsibility onto their employees creating more time to focus on growing sales and profits.

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