Tips on Communication for Better Employee Scheduling

Posted by Kevin Hench on March 28, 2018

There are many tips and tricks that managers have to make their employee scheduling tasks easier and faster. From different ways to organize availability to how shifts overlap, everyone has their own “life hacks” that help streamline the process. However, there is a huge tip that will not only make your scheduling easier but

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Day View, New Template Design, and Auto Scheduling Enhancements Added

Posted by Matt Thompson on June 27, 2013

Three big enhancements were added to the ShiftNote scheduling tools this week to continue our mission of creating the best employee scheduling tools in the world for restaurants, retail stores, hotels, and more! As always, shoot us a note if there is a feature you would like to

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Employee Scheduling Tools Now Include Color Coding Options

Posted by Matt Thompson on May 30, 2013

New feature alert! The ShiftNote employee scheduling tools now includes a color coding option so that it's easier to distinguish different positions when building a schedule. To choose colors for each position, go to Schedules > Settings > Manage Positions. Then select

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