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Turn Communication Breakdowns into Breakthroughs With This ONE Strategy

January 17, 2018 by Kevin Hench.

Within any industry that manages multiple staff members and sometimes even multiple locations, inefficiencies are everywhere and communication breakdowns happen for a variety of reasons.

Does your business experience one or many of the following issues?:

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How Restaurant Design Affects the Customer Experience

January 10, 2018 by Leigh Anne Thompson.

There are several things that will make or break the customer experience. From menu selection to wait staff performance, there are a multitude of factors that will play into whether a customer decides to become a patron of your establishment. While it is impossible to make everyone happy all the

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The Most Effective Communication Strategies for Managers

January 3, 2018 by Malayna Struckman.

Think of any situation from your personal or professional life that has gone sour. Most every instance stems from one thing… Lack of, or poor communication.

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15 Best Ideas For Streamlining Your Restaurant Operations

December 27, 2017 by ShiftNote.

In today's restaurant operations, time is money. The best tools can save you both. Consider this the ultimate list of restaurant “hacks” – time-saving and cost-cutting resources that can bring a new level of efficiency to your operation.

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Holiday Marketing Ideas To Drive Foot Traffic This Season

December 20, 2017 by Malayna Struckman.

While the stores are slammed over the holidays, sometimes restaurants have a harder time drawing guests. ABC News reports 40% of a store’s annual revenue may come during the holiday shopping season, but restaurants might slowdown due to dining at home. While not every restaurant will

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TIPS: How to Increase Restaurant Sales and Profits

December 8, 2017 by Matt Thompson.

There is a number of ways how to increase restaurant sales, yet the profit-generating strategy many restaurant owners or leaders overlook is training. Everything comes down to teaching your staff how to succeed in your restaurant with excellent customer service, product knowledge, selling

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Bringing Thanksgiving Menu Nostalgia to Your Operation

November 16, 2017 by Larry Struckman.

Unlike other holidays throughout the year, Thanksgiving is all about the food. Each person has their own idea of Thanksgiving menu staples that must be included on their plate every year. From stuffing to cranberry sauce, without certain dishes it would simply not "feel" like Thanksgiving! Even if

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How to Celebrate Veteran's Day All Year Long

November 7, 2017 by Malayna Struckman.

Veteran's Day is November 11th, a holiday that honors the brave men and women who fought for our country. Veterans are a rare breed of people that were willing to sacrifice everything for the good of the nation. While the holiday is an important one to say thank you to this

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6 Facts About Daylight Savings Time

October 30, 2017 by Malayna Struckman.

It is that time of year again, quite possibly everyone’s least favorite time of year (besides tax season). Daylight Savings Time ends on November 5th, meaning we all have to “fall back” and gain that extra precious hour of daylight (and of sleep!). With the irritation of waking up an hour earlier and being more tired than usual for a

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Managers Can Schedule Anywhere with Technology

October 25, 2017 by Matt Thompson.

Being a restaurant manager comes with many responsibilities, and one of the least enjoyable to perform is scheduling employees. So often restaurant managers are still using paper calendars or Excel sheets that have to be constantly tweaked and updated every time employees make any changes

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